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The Blazing Minds art letter

Blazing Minds is a weekly art letter of cognitive exploration that merges art and psychology to open new dimensions of self-discovery and personal growth.

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TV or not TV?

How much does a TV cost?

£100000, or even more; not to buy it, but to watch it!

Getting a TV is relatively cheap. The high cost is in the time we spend watching it.

It is okay, it is alright!

Nightbirde’s music, philosophy and way of living a life filled with hope and grace, showed the world that strength can be found in vulnerability and happiness can coexist with sorrow.

The darkest nights reveal the brighter stars

“The Darkest Nights Reveal The Brightest Stars” is more than just a poetic saying. It is a powerful metaphor for how adversity can lead to our greatest achievements and personal growth.

Thoughts become things

While some people are held back by their past and others are sidetracked by distractions, those with a strong ‘Why’ experience something powerful.

The Sound Of Silence

Audre Lorde’s quote, “Your silence will not protect you,” resonates deeply within this artwork. The three bullet holes, arranged in an ellipsis, show a tragedy that has been silenced, a visual representation of untold stories, unheard cries, and the suffering that silence often conceals.

Neglect leads to decay

Whatever we do not use, we lose. When we stop exercising our muscles, they begin to atrophy. Similarly, when we stop challenging our minds, our mental acuity dulls. It is nature’s law.

A selfless self-interest

We do not harvest in the fall because we need it; we harvest because we deserve it through our efforts. This is not about moral principles—though moral and spiritual laws do exist—but about the fundamental principle: “If you want to reap, you must plant.”

Yesterday you said tomorrow

Controlling your mind is crucial. Mastering your thoughts and directing them with intention is fundamental to achieving success. Without discipline and a clear plan, the mind drowns in a dark spiral of excuses and missed opportunities.

Rise and shine

Every morning, the sun rises, casting its golden light across the world. It is a daily miracle, often taken for granted, yet it holds immense power to inspire and rejuvenate our spirits.

Your Siren song

In Homer’s epic poem Oddysey, the Sirens are known for their enchanting and irresistibly seductive voices that attract sailors towards them. However, beyond their portrayal as mythical temptresses, there is a valuable lesson to learn from these captivating beings.

An idle mind is the devil’s playground

This proverb highlights the importance of keeping our minds active, purposeful, and directed, as they can easily become vulnerable when left to wander.

Idleness is a missed opportunity, like a blank canvas waiting for an artist to create something beautiful or a seed waiting for fertile soil to grow.

Red moon

Looking up at a red Moon casting the rare crimson glow upon the night sky reminds us of the impermanence of all things and the wisdom inherent in nature’s cycles.

A Cosmic Perspective

The cosmic perspective involves viewing the world from a distance and visualising oneself as a small part of the vast universe. It is a way to gain insight into the insignificance of personal problems and concerns and better understand life’s challenges.

Let Go

Great and beautiful changes are on the horizon but they come with letting go of those that can not come with you. Let go, no matter how difficult it may seem, so that you can move forward.

The Blindness Within

The greatest blindness is not one of the eyes but of the mind. So warns the ancient Stoic philosopher Seneca in his moral teachings. He speaks of an inner darkness that afflicts those enslaved to their passions and desires — a self-imposed “blindness of the mind” that clouds vision and obstructs the path to truth and virtue.