Neglect leads to decay

Decaying in the shadows of neglect.

Whatever we do not use, we lose. When we stop exercising our muscles, they begin to atrophy. Similarly, when we stop challenging our minds, our mental acuity dulls. It is nature’s law.

This fundamental law extends to every part of the human spirit, encompassing our virtues, ambitions and emotional strengths. Just as a muscle atrophies from disuse, our inner qualities decline if left unattended.

A talent unused is lost. An ability unsued is lost. A day unused is lost. When we quit, we lose.

Take an inventory of yourself — this is a key expression. Take an inventory of yourself, gather all your talents, abilities, creativity, ingenuity, energy, passion, faith, courage, everything, and make sure it is used. Otherwise, you lose.

So, let today be the day you recommit to using all of your capabilities. Engage your body, challenge your mind, practice your skills, nurture your ambitions, and express your emotions. Ensure that none of your potential is left to decay in the shadows of neglect.

— Agis

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