Yesterday you said tomorrow

Controlling your mind is crucial. Mastering your thoughts and directing them with intention is fundamental to realising your dreams and achieving success. Without discipline and a clear plan, the mind drowns in a dark spiral of excuses and missed opportunities.

The concept is straightforward; either you control your mind, or it controls you. There is no middle ground. The most effective method to harness its power is to keep your mind focused on a specific purpose and plan. 

This is not just a suggestion — it is a necessity for those who aspire to succeed.

If I had money…
If I only had time…
If luck were not against me…
If I did not have a wife and family…
If I were only younger…
If times were better…
If I only knew how…

The greats of our time did not rise to the top because they did not face challenges or because they had fewer obstacles. They succeeded because they refused to succumb to the allure of the ‘if’. Instead, they took control of their minds, crafted a vision backed by a solid plan, and moved forward with relentless determination.

Let go of the notion that circumstances define your success. Do not wait for the perfect moment — it does not exist. 

Yesterday’s ‘tomorrow’ is today. Act now, push beyond the excuses, and take control of your destiny. 

Just do it.
— Agis

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