A selfless self-interest

No one loses, and everyone benefits.

Life does not provide us with what we need but with what we deserve.

We do not harvest in the fall because we need it; we harvest because we deserve it. This is not about moral principles—though moral and spiritual laws do exist—but about the fundamental principle: “If you want to reap, you must plant.”

Harvesting is reserved for those who plant because they deserve it through their actions.

An interesting Bible verse says, “If you keep knocking, you will find open doors.” Knock, and you will find open doors of opportunity, open doors to meet someone special, and open doors to unique business ventures. Opportunities are available to those who persistently seek them, not because they need them, but because they deserve them. Only those who knock deserve to find an open door.

The finding is reserved for searchers because they have earned it.

You are blessed with stories like this because you subscribed to this art letter. You are blessed because you sought out inspiration and self-empowerment. By searching, you positioned yourself to receive answers, motivation, and imagination to stir you into action for future benefit.

Search, and you will find. Ask, and you will receive answers.

So, let us not focus on “selfish needs” but on “selflessly earning whatever we need.” We cannot just demand crops from a field; we must plant seeds to grow them.

— Agis

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